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Sharjah Art Museum

Al Shuwaihean, Sharjah, AE, United Arab Emirates | +971 6 568 8222 | Website


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Sharjah Art Museum


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Overview This Art Museum exceeded my expectations. The building inside was beautiful well ventilated and reasonably well lit they also had features on exhibitions where you could download a bar code audio description of the picture, The building is wheelchair access a ball with ramps and lifts and the staff could not have been more helpful in terms of helping with opening doors. The exhibitions on display were very interesting and I would certainly recommend anybody going there who happens to be in the area.

Transport & Parking


We had access to my daughters car and we drove from Dubai probably 3/4 of an hour journey



Fully accessible ramps and lifts though I didn’t enquire about conduction loops there was a system where you could download descriptions of the exhibition



Although the toilets were at the end of a very long corridor there are exhibitions on either side, the accessible toilet was clean and accessible



The staff could not have been more friendly and helpful during my visit opening doors providing with directions

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The building was extremely well ventilated and airy

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