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Saron, Llandysul, SA44 5DY, United Kingdom | 01559 371222 | Website

Skanda Vale Hospice, Llandysul



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Skanda Vale is a hospice. It is beautifully arranged, with very thought out decor. It has a sacred room for people to be able to sit in of any faith and who want space and peace. There is a sitting area for people to be able to socialise and talk to others who have palliative care needs. The facility is equipped with a bathroom which is able to drop lower and also has a hoist for entry and is deep enough to have a ‘proper bath’. There are rooms for therapies like massage and reflexology, they also have a homeopath iwho visits regularly, the fact that a lot of the carers and professionals work there voluntarily is truly amazing. Nothing is too much trouble, you are left feeling really cared for. An activity room has so many crafts there is nothing they haven’t thought of, itreally means you can tap into your need for activities but equally you do not have to. The building has a large number of paintings donated by Nigel Wood which are truly beautiful. The bedrooms are all totally functional but also homely and comfortable, each room leads out onto a decking area so even if you are in the end stages of life and/or bed bound you could still go outside to hear the birdsong and feel the summer or spring air. This place is so thoroughly thought I could not find a single fault. For respite care there is a triage system, those with the highest needs should get respite above others. This does not necessarily mean their health condition, it could be if a partner/carer has been rushed into hospital or is exhausted then that would be a high priority. In reality they perform true holistic care which is a real dream and really leaves. you feeling valued. There is also a small wooden cabin on site set up for the partner or person the person at Skanda Vale wants. Their website states you can bring your pets in to that area. I have an assistance dog and he was very welcomed. Please if you have a life limiting condition consider contacting this place as you will be given truly amazing care. I have an 11 year old son and they are happy for him to go around it so he can feel comfortable there when I am there. They also have a large salt water fish tank which is stunning, with brightly coloured fish, snails, anemones and coral, you could watch it for hours as it is so amazingly calming and interesting, the longest we looked the more fish, snails and other sea animals came to life. I could go on for hours about how non clinical the environment is, the different coloured towels, the stained glass windows, the feeling is of a very well thought out facility with an amazingly holistic consideration for all the needs of people who have life limiting conditions and has been made with true care and compassion.

Transport & Parking


This facility has a fair sized care park which is totally accessible for those in wheelchairs. It is large enough for day visitors and patients cars as well. By a taxi, but they also do have a free service to collect and drop off their patients.



Everywhere is accessible for people who have any type of disablity. It has accessible gardens too with paths made so they are wheelchair friendly, and each bedroom has doors wide enough for w bed to go through, or a wheelchair. There is a lift between the two floors for anyone who cannot manage stairs.



This facility has everything for people who need any care and so have toilets for people in all types of condition.



The staff are helpful, friendly and very happy, not in a patronising way but in a way that they feel fulfilled in what they are doing and so are feeling a sense of well-being in their work. Many are volunteers and love the contact with other people but knowing they are bringing light and compassion into people’s life when you would think they were actually at their bleakest time as you are facing your own mortality. This is a subject that is not off limits in this environment and the staff are comfortable discussing these issues.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

They are happy for me to take my caninepartner in and he is welcomed without issue. It does say in their literature that other pets can visit, especially if a partner/carer is staying in the wooden cabin. They have sacred space where you can be involved in singing, or ringing the sound bells or rain tubes. Skanda Vale hospice is a place of true inspiration in a time when people face the stark reality that their life is ending and they will not live forever. I cannot anything bad about this place as there is nothing.


One of the therapy rooms One of the bedrooms The salt water fish tank leading into the sacred space The bathroom with a deep lovely bath One of the therapy rooms The decking that is next to the bedrooms on the second floor

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