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Being picky about my food I love going to subway. I get to make a completely unique sandwich without paying for loads of extras and it's pretty tasty. The branch on the A9 between Stirling and Perth is new and a very convenient stop for lunch after my ski lessons in Glasgow. They've done their best access wise, though the disabled entrance is a long walk from the car park and through a bit of an awkward gate. The general access doors are a little awkward as one pushes and the other pulls and they're quite stiff. Once inside everything is easy enough to get round and the staff are uber friendly and helpful. I had a wee chat with the owner and made a few suggestions. He actually listed and did what he could straight away, a new ramp has appeared from the carpark to the pavement and the mole hills on the path are gone. He's going to look at making a ramp to the main door soon.

Transport & Parking

Three disabled bays at the side of the restaurant. I took half a star off as the in and out junctions are very short. There's not slip ramp so getting back onto the dual carriageway is a little scary.


They have tried and there is a disabled entrance, but its on the other side of the building from the car park and has an awkward gate to contend with. Plus you need to get the attention of a staff member to let you in. The step at the main door is a little high and the doors are hardwood for a crutches/stick user.


Pretty nice loo, really liked the stripy tiles. They made a nice change from wet wall and contrasted well with the handrails making it easier for a partially sighted person to distinguish. Toilet is of comfort height :)


They couldn't be nicer. The owner is lovely too, we had a good chat about how he could improve access and he seemed genuinely interested.


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