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Hewitt's Avenue, Cleethorpes, DN35 9QR, United Kingdom | 0345 677 9164 | Website

Accessible supermarket



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Mobility Scooter, Hidden Impairment


Accessible supermarket and café/restaurant. There is also a pharmacy and opticians. It is quite a big supermarket so there is a lot of walking. The tills and self scan/shop as you go aren't at an accessible hight for wheelchairs but the staff are happy to help. Café/restaurant has allergy friendly foods and staff are knowledgable about ingredients for allergies. The cafe is accessible and there's room to move my wheelchair around the tables and chairs. Friendly helpful staff both in the supermarket and in the café. Lift to second floor which is quite big. Plenty of nearby parking for blue badge holders either in designated disabled parking bays or you can use the parent and child spaces if need be. There are manual and mobility scooters to hire which are a first-come-first served basis. There are also wheelchair friendly shooting trollies. Unfortunately the tills, self-service and shop as you go aren't at an accessible hight if you're in a wheelchair/power chair/mobility scooter. Accessible toilet (which has a great sign on that says "not all disabilities are visible")

Transport & Parking


Plenty of parking spaces for blue badge holders which are near to the store and on an even-ish level. If need be you can park in the parent and child spaces if you have a blue badge. There is some misuse of blue badge parking spaces which can't be enforced but we've always managed to find somewhere near to the store to park either in the blue badge spaces or parent and child spaces. The car park is on a bit of an uneven level so if can be tricky to push yourself in a manual wheelchair, esp if you don't have great upper body strength. There is a slight slope into the store's entrance that I personally need a hand with if I hit it an an awkward angle but my carers or a helpful passer by is always at hand.



Signage in the store is good and there's plenty of staff around to ask where things are and they're often happy to take you where you need to be or find products. To go upstairs there is a escalator which you can take your shopping trolly on but it's not suitable for wheelchairs/power chairs/mobilities scooters or if you have poor balance. There is a lift at the back of the store to take you upstairs. There are manual and mobility scooters to borrow and also trollies with seats for older children with disabilities. The aisles are wide and most of the time they are kept clear though there is the occasional cart where staff are putting products up on the shelves. The beauty section and clothing section the aisles are a bit close together and a bit jumbled up so its hard to navigate around. In the café it's easy to navigate around the tables and chairs thought he serving desk is a bit high up if you're in a wheelchair.



The is an accessible toilet and it has a great sign on it that says "not all disabilities are visible". It's a bit of a squeeze but there's just enough room for my wheelchair and my carer to come into the toilet if needed. The accessible toilet has grab rails and an emergency red cord. It's usually is clean and tidy but if not, such as if the soap is missing the customer service desk is happy to rectify that. The signs for the toilets are easy to find.



Staff are very helpful. There are plenty of staff around to ask where things are and they're often happy to take you to where you need to be or to fetch items that are out of reach or if something is out of stock on the shelf they're happy to go and check in the storeroom for you. Staff in the café/restaurant are helpful. They're happy to carry your tray for you and they are knowledgable on food allergies or they are happy to check the allergy book for you.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

This is my regular supermarket and I'm happy to go there to shop. The 'shop as you go' is very handy. There is also a postbox in the store which is handy. There is a Timpson's for key cutting, battery changes, cobblers etc and the staff in there are very friendly and helpful. It's quite small so not enough room for a wheelchair/power chair/mobility scooter but the staff are very helpful and friendly in there. This supermarket also offers 'click and collect'. There is also a Poundland with pet store and a Pets at Home on the site.


Main entrance of the store. Just inside the store Mobility scooters and adapted trollies to hire free of charge. Customer lift with plenty of room inside. Accessible toilet which is a bit of a squeeze but there's just enough room for a small wheelchair and a carer but it probably wouldn't fit a power chair and defiantly not a mobility scooter. Blue badge parking spaces

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