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Piazza del Colosseo, 1, Rome, 00184, Italy | +39 06 3996 7700 | Website
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Amazed by The Colosseum!

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The Colosseum was one of the highlights of my trip! We went as early as possible and this worked really well to avoid the busy June crowds. Access was surprisingly good, and in places it was even excellent. At some points there was a bit of rough terrain, but not everywhere.

Transport & Parking

We walked to the Colosseum, but later in the trip we began to use the metro and there is a very convenient stop immediately outside the entrance.


I was pleasantly surprised by disabled access at the Colosseum! The first thing I saw as I walked inside was signage for an accessible route, as well as for lifts, accessible toilets, and audio and video guides. On the upper level, the floor was smooth all the way round, and the path was very wide. You get an excellent view over the entire Colosseum - but watch out for rust rubbing off of the railings onto your skin! I turned noticeably orange... On the lower level, the terrain is bumpy, but you won't have far to travel over this ground. There are clearly marked ramps and accessible viewing platforms throughout. Watch out for various tour groups who can take up lots of space.


I didn't use the toilets on this trip, but they were very clearly signposted.


Staff we encountered were perfectly friendly.

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Great experience, highly recommended!


Photo of the Colosseum outside. Colosseum signage. Photo of the upper level inside exhibition. Photo of elevators inside the Colosseum. Accessible viewing platform and ramp. Signage for the accessible loo.

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