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The Colosseum

Piazza del Colosseo, 1, Rome, 00184, Italy | +39 06 3996 7700 | Website

This is how is could be done!!



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There are obvious issues with access being such an old site, but with very few exceptions, the entire site is accessible even with a wheelchair. We had been told that if you had a disability you could avoid the queues so went to the group entrance which is always clearer. We were asked for proof of disability but had none (blue badge back in England), but as my husband has a clearly visable physical disability we were waved in to the shorter queue. Inside there were ramps in most areas, and a lift to all but the top viewing platform.

Transport & Parking


We used the buses to get there so don't have any experience of driving or parking in Rome. Buses were easily accessible for my partner, and staff were all very helpful.



Really impressed with the site. My husband has mobility problems but was able to walk round easily. It helps there were lots of walls to lean on when needed!



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As with everywhere in Rome, staff were really good, helpful, polite and pointed out where we needed to go.

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Everywhere we went in Rome we were impressed that we were able to skip queues, as standing is something my husband has issues with. Rome is an old city so there are clearly some places that have not been adapted, but we had no issues at all and have been back three times!


Picture of the Colosseum - The lift at the Colloseum.

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What a great review. It's not somewhere you would be accessible so it's good to know.

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