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The Devil's Punchbowl

52 London Road, Hindhead, GU26 6AG, United Kingdom | 01428 606565 | Website


Outdoors - Chapter 4

Quite good access with assistance, nice to visit after a walk round the Punchbowl, dogs also welcome


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


Staff are extremely helpful and offered to help several times. Seats in the bar are quite limited , so if you want to go in the bar (dogs are only allowed in the bar but not in the adjoining eating area) it's worth reserving a table. We've visited twice and the food was great first time but disappointing the second - so yet to decide which is the norm. Menu is extensive though, including snacks, hot and cold meals and veggie options. There's a disabled loo but the way into it is a bit tight (right at the foot of the main staircase) and the main entrance, while gently ramped has two sets of narrow double doors to negotiate (staff scurry to help if they see you but they're not always nearby).

Transport & Parking


There's plenty of parking though I only saw one marked disabled space, albeit close to the main entrance. It's a bit out if the way so doubt if buses pass close by (though can't swear to it).



The double doors (two sets in quick succession) at the entrance are the main drawback. A wheelchair needs both doors open to fit through. There's another door into the bar but this has been propped open on each visit - this one is quite wide. Floors are carpeted but it's a short pile and relatively easy to wheel on. The entrance hall was tiled. The way through the eating area might be tight if it's busy but it hasn't been a problem on both our visits. There was room to manoeuvre a wheelchair in the bar.



It's quite well equipped though dated. The loo seat was very loose and difficult to sit on, the layout wasn't ideal with barely enough room to manoeuvre the wheelchair inside - I reversed out. It's position at the foot of the staircase was difficult if people were using the stairs. The door was a bit tricky to lock (I had to twist in the chair as I couldn't fully turn the chair. However I'm jolly pleased they had a disabled loo and applaud them for that - it's located in the entrance hall at the base of the staircase. Whilst there's a sign on the door, signage from the bar would be helpful.



All staff attentive and helpful.

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