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The Haddon Hall

Haddon Hall Road, Droylsden, M43 6LB, United Kingdom | 0161 371 5614 | Website


Easy access, some parking


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair


There's a small car park outside with at least one disabled parking spot. There's a concrete slope to access the building and two sets of wooden double doors to get in. The doors may be a little heavy if you are on your own. Access around the pub is good and the disabled toilet was clean however not in the best located if the pub is busy.

Transport & Parking


There's a small car park outside and a disabled parking bay was available when we arrived. I'm not sure how busy this gets at peak times. The pub is not particularly close to public transport routes that I'm aware of. I believe the 217 is the only bus which comes close which is not very frequent.



Access to the building was good with parking right outside and a low concrete ramp into the building. Double doors to access which are not automatic so some may struggle unassisted. The pub itself is on one level and had plenty of room to get to tables. I don't believe there is a lowered section of the bar.



The toilets were spacious and clean with sufficient hand rails and a lowered sink. The location of the disabled toilet is not great though as it is at the end of the bar in a room usually used for showing football. This meant getting through a lot of people standing around the screens to get to the toilet.



The friendliness of staff does vary unfortunately. Some are great and very helpful, others don't seem to smile and are not quick to serve anyone who isn't a regular. I've never had any issues which haven't been resolved but it does put me off going to the bar!

Anything else you wish to tell us?

The food is standard pub food. It's not amazing but its cheap and consistent. There are a fair few vegetarian options, more than a lot of local places, however following the most recent change to the menu means almost all veggie option are halloumi. If you're not a fan, your options are limited!

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