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Carre Street, Sleaford, NG34 7TW, United Kingdom | 01529 308 710 | Website


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Wonderful experience for art and craft lovers. Useful workshops and a small shop full of interesting stuff. Great place to visit as all areas are accessible using a powerchair. I always phone first to check that the lift is working. I have to ask for the loud music to be turned off as I am also hyper sensitive to noise and they are mostly accommodating. This is a major issue for me for all venues.

Transport & Parking


Trains are limited and unaccessible in the main for a powerchair. The timetable is hopeless at the weekends particularly if you are taking a weekend course. The car park is alongside, but disabled spaces are limited. Those closest to the entrance are often blocked by vans and deliveries but a little patience is all that is required.



Large automatic doors on both sides of the building. As usual any closed doors on the upper floors are heavy, this is the usual health and safety going over the top.about There are also doors into the cafe area but these are not automatic, although fully glazed and the staff are helpful.



As always the disabled toilets are accessed through 2 doors and angles can be hard work. There is an air freshner system and they are usually clean but weekends not so much.



Mostly helpful but find working without loud music difficult. They cannot understand why some disabled people need quiet venues. Knowledgable about the subject matter but could be better at understanding disability issues.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

It is a pleasure to see art and craft from international artists and have the opportunity to attend workshops and meet the makers. The galleries are spacious and light although the fourth floor can be cold in winter. I have been stranded on the fourth floor and rescued. Living locally I was able to have my powerchair collected, although I could have waited for the fire brigade but it had already been a long day. The staff were very good and managed this event professionally. They have also changed the day for the regular fire alarm check to allowing me to stay in the building. Check that they are not between shows before visiting to avoid disapointment.


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