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Times Square, New York, 10036, United States | (212) 768-1560 | Website


NYC poor accessibility


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Powerchair, Mobility Scooter


Subway stations in central Manhattan are extremely busy making it difficult to manoeuvre a wheelchair (or similar) , if you're even able to get into the station!!! From what I remember there were very few lifts, often out of service and difficult to use. I witnessed wheelchair users being physically unable to fit into the subway carriage due to the vast amount of passengers, meaning they would wait until a long time for a carriage with enough room, especially during rush hours. Overall, I will say that it is possible to use the subways in central Manhattan, although difficult, time consuming and infuriating.

Transport & Parking


Parking in general is not popular in central Manhattan. People rarely drive as the city is very busy meaning car parks are further out of the city and would then require further transport to reach the centre or a long and busy walk. The large crowding of the city is the main factor impacting the overall score.



There was signage available to help but difficult to see in large crowds. A lot of problems were due to large amounts of people. The only place to sit if you wanted a rest would be in a park, restaurant or cafe, thus being inconvenient and sometimes difficult to find. Again, seating spaces would often be already taken.



Overall toilets were usually clean. Large restaurants and shopping centres would have accessible lifts to get to the fully equipped and accessible toilets. However, smaller businesses often did not have accessible toilets, nor were they equipped with grab rails.



No experience of the staff, unable to comment accurately.

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Signage could be improved, more public seating areas and more lifts or stair lifts.

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