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Tobermory Ferry Terminal

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Where's that accessible toilet again?


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As a ferry terminal, this place appears to work fine, although a bit more signage about where to put your car and how to buy a ferry ticket wouldn't go amiss. Not much sign of the accessible loo that CalMac are promising on Euan's Guide, though.

Transport & Parking


There didn't seem to be any special arrangements for cars carrying disabled people; you just park in a queue to get on the ferry like everyone else.



There didn't really seem much to the Tobermory ferry terminal. I think there was a cafe on the flat roof, but it didn't look like wheelchairs could get up there, and there was a bit more cafe downstairs that was poky and hard to get a wheelchair into. Basically, this place is about arriving in your car, queuing up in the car to get on the ferry to Craigmure and then buying your ticket on the ferry. Don't bother trying to get out of your car into a wheelchair on the ferry - the small viewing deck area is reached by steps and it's too short a crossing to do much anyway.



Had a look for the accessible loo that CalMac promised on Euan's Guide but couldn't see anything. Ended up eventually going to a public accessible loo in the aquarium/harbour management building 10 mins walk away at the far end of the seafront (luckily I was using a scooter so I could get there), and that was excellent. Well done aquarium.



What staff? Apart from the cafe, the ferry terminal didn't seem to have any, although it looked like there might have been a ticket booth at one time.

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Go to the aquarium loo before heading to the ferry terminal!

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