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Waddesdon Manor, Waddesdon, HP18 0JH, United Kingdom | 01296 653226 | Website


House and Gardens


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Beautiful house and Gardens, helpful friendly staff

Transport & Parking


Very large car park with many blue badge spaces. There is a wheelchair friendly shuttle bus to transport visitors from the car park to the gardens and house.



Gardens are accessible, there is a slope to the Parterre across grass , a helper would be useful. Or there is a short walk on the path leading to the Parterre.



There is an accessible loo in the new visitor centre in the car park, there is one near the house but it's not really big enough for a wheelchair. There's one at the stables but this is a long walk downhill. There is also cafe there.



Wheelchairs have to be left outside the house and then the visitor transfers to a house wheelchair. There's two short flights of steps to get into the house, a staff member helped my husband get me up them to get into the house and then get me down them 2.5 hours later when we finished our visit. All the staff we encountered were very helpful and if they didn't know the answer to a question that was asked immediately went to find the answer.

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I really enjoyed the visit, I have been to the gardens several times before but not the house. It is an expensive visit unless you are a National Trust member but it's well worth it. A carer goes free in all NT properties.

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