Accessible Highlights Series - Scotland

Accessible Highlights Series - Scotland image Accessible Highlights Series - Scotland image

If you've ever wanted to go on an accessible Scottish adventure, you'll love our new Accessible Highlights collection! Our guides introduce you to Scotland's unexpectedly accessible castles and battlefields, the artistic city of Dundee, and the little-known parts of Fife and The East Neuk.

Released in 2017 and 2018, the locations in these guides are waiting to be explored, and we hope that they give visiting people a flavour for Scotland, as well as practical information about accessibility before visiting.

Castles & Battlefields

All throughout Scotland there are remnants of the country’s battle-scarred past, but what few people know is that many of these castles and battlefields can be unexpectedly accessible…

Dundee & Angus

From the modern, ship-like buildings of Dundee to the colourful shoreline cottages of east Scotland and the green Angus countryside; this vibrant pocket of Scotland is perfect for an accessible road trip or spectacular railway journey…


From wheelchair accessible red squirrel trails in the west to the golden sands of St Andrews in the east, you can take yourself on an unforgettable Fife journey…