Disabled Access Day

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Euan’s Guide sponsors Disabled Access Day, the award-winning event all about #YouAndSomewhereNew!

• What is Disabled Access Day?
• The Changing Places story
• What’s on in 2019?
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What is Disabled Access Day?

The event was first celebrated in January 2015 and is now enjoyed by thousands of disabled people, their families and friends all over the UK. It’s all about trying something new, whether that be a venue holding an early bird opening for the first time or a wheelchair user trying out a tramper in the great outdoors! The day takes place in spring biannually, and the next Disabled Access Day is happening on Saturday 16th March 2019. 

“Disabled Access Day continues to encourage and excite disabled people and businesses with the opportunity to try something new in a spirit of cooperation, safety and fun. For 2019, I call out to people to try something new and send a review. Leave a legacy for folk who may want to visit after you. It’s knowing those baseline details about access that are the deal breakers for so many people.” – Paul Ralph, founder of Disabled Access Day

The Changing Places story

Founder of Disabled Access Day, Paul Ralph, announced a new vision for 2019. For more than 250,000 people across the UK, standard accessible toilets are missing the space and equipment they require to use the facility safely and comfortably. Changing Places toilets are much larger with a ceiling hoist, changing bench, screen and more; but there quite simply aren’t enough of them in the UK.

In support of the Changing Places movement, Paul made the decision to make Disabled Access Day 2019 an event which ensured nobody missed out because of a lack of Changing Places toilet. That’s why all participating venues must have a Changing Places toilet or be in close proximity to one. Not every venue taking part in Disabled Access Day has a Changing Places toilet (yet), but those that don’t are either hiring a Pamiloo or Mobiloo, have submitted proposals for the installation of a Changing Places toilet, or are actively supporting the movement.

What's on in 2019?

Use the Disabled Access Day website to search for events near you. Here are a few of our top picks!

Send your review!

Euan’s Guide reviews make it easier for disabled people to find great places to go. We’re asking everybody who takes part in Disabled Access Day to submit a review after the event this year. No matter where you visited, we want to know what you thought about its access!

You’ll be asked to sign-up with an email address and password to submit your review. This means we can contact you once it’s published. Ready? Write a review!