Euan's Guide Commercial Services

We receive numerous enquiries and requests to visit places, look at plans, discuss ideas and provide industry encouragement and help in making places and spaces accessible and inclusive for disabled visitors.

As a small charity, we can’t always take on all the projects and work we’re offered but we have three main services that we offer as paid consultancy to support people and organisations who are making the world more accessible for disabled people.

What we will do

We will give you feedback on any ideas and plans with a view to how disabled visitors may use the facilities, what is helpful, what may have been overlooked and any other complications and challenges.

What we are unlikely to do

We are not able to endorse or recommend plans, places, products or services.

Our services

At present, and subject to availability, we offer the following services:

1) Remote Reading - Look, read and respond

We will invite you to send or email documents for us to look at with any questions or concerns. We will respond to questions, comment on the plans and ideas in writing. Typically, this will include an overview and detailed responses to around five questions and will take a minimum of two hours.

2) Face-to-face Discussion - Visit us, tell your story and hear our response

We will meet you at our Edinburgh offices and invite you to tell us your story and more about what you aim to achieve. During this session we will ask you questions and then move on to comment on your plans. We will have suggestions for you to consider and you can ask questions you may have, this will usually take around two to three hours.

3) Access Visits

Euan’s Guide can provide a limited number of access visits to venues, places and spaces to help in the creation of accessible and inclusive experiences for visitors.

Unlike many traditional access audits, our focus is on the experience disabled visitors have in the spaces and places and how these environments work. Often it can be the small things that make the most difference to a person’s visit and it’s not always about ramps and expensive adjustments.

Using a tried and tested formula we will invite members of your team, who are usually the decision makers, to walk around the premises and take the customer journey accompanying two of our access and inclusion experts.

During this walkthrough our team will highlight what works well, what may not be too good and what you may do to become as accessible and inclusive as you can be. We invite you to ask questions, discuss and observe. Our experts happen to be disabled people who bring a very real feel to the experience and are happy to share their wealth of knowledge of working with similar establishments and businesses.

At the end of the session you will have a good grasp of what works well, how your environment actually works in real terms and an array of suggestions for change as you move to become as accessible as you can.

Typically, we undertake these activities as a team of two and sessions typically last a few hours depending on the size and scope of the venue. Sessions will include arrival, welcome, toilets and getting around followed by an in-depth discussion. We don’t write reports as you will have all the information you need on the day.

Previous clients

Previous clients we have enjoyed working with include VisitScotland, Historic Environment Scotland and Diageo.

Advertising and Promotional Content

If you have something that you think would be of interest to our community please get in touch or check out Euan's Guide Advertising Information for more information.

Bespoke activities

If there’s anything else that you think we can help with, including speaking at conferences, please contact us for further discussion. Bespoke activities must align to our vision, mission and values.

For more information, please contact or call 0131 510 5106.