Venue Accessible Toilet Checklist

Venue Accessible Toilet Checklist image Venue Accessible Toilet Checklist image

There’s less than a month to go until this year’s World Toilet Day on Saturday 19 November. We’re asking venues and attractions to help us make accessible toilets safer and more welcoming for disabled visitors.

We’ve put together a short but sweet checklist to help you get ready for the big day. The best bit? It’ll make your venues more appealing without spending a penny.  

Where's The Loo?

Make sure people know you have an accessible toilet! Putting details on your website and social media is the first step; the second is clear signage for disabled visitors who choose to come to your venue. Make sure team members know how to direct people too. 


Cut The Clutter

Accessible toilets should have plenty of space - keep it clear so disabled people can move around easily and without stress. Don’t put bins in a transfer space and find somewhere else to store those highchairs.  


Test And Tell

When was the last time you set the alarm off in your disabled loo? Does it work? If someone does raise the alarm, do your staff know what to do? If your alarm has a red pull cord, make sure this hangs to the floor.  


Get Involved

We’d love it if you would get involved and help support World Toilet Day with us this year. You can download our World Toilet Day assets here.

Keep in touch

Don't forget, we're always looking to feature our venues on our website and social media. If you have any interesting accessible toilet related stories, improvements, news, or events please let us know. Likewise, we're open to ideas! If there’s something else you have in mind about working together please get in touch.