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As lockdown restrictions ease and many people begin to see friends, family and colleagues again we though that it is important to bring up some ways you can still socialize with friends virtually or at a safe distance. The current lockdown situation can make having a safe and accessible gathering for everyone much harder and many people are still shielding. Here are some steps you can take so that you can still have fun together.

Video calls and activities

While this might not be ideal for many, if your friends or family are vulnerable then it may still be best to socialize over video call or phone call. This is to protect everyone, as many are still shielding or only comfortable meeting a few people and meeting others or traveling outside could be detrimental to their health. Everyone goes at their own pace and is doing what feels comfortable to them. There is no harm in waiting until the situation is more manageable, so everyone remains safe. Platforms such as Zoom, Google hangouts and FaceTime via Facebook are great ways to virtually hang out with friends, they also have screensharing options. This way you could play games or all simultaneously watch movies together for a virtual movie night in!

Look Local

If you are going to meet in person but still want to do an activity together whilst keeping safe why not look into events in your local area? Events like drive in movies and comedy shows are not only entertaining but allow you to take part in activities while social distancing at the same time.

Enjoy the Edinburgh Fringe Festival together

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is still continuing this year online and on every Friday in August a digital variety show will be on at 9pm! This show, AJ Bell Fringe, will showcase a snapshot of the festival across a range of genres, with each show featuring 9 different acts and tickets starting from £9. If you feel like you are missing out on great events and shows then why not check on the Edinburgh Fringe with some friends?

Words online

Another well known Edinburgh August Festival, the Edinburgh International Book Festival is moving online this year with over 140 free events taking place from 15-31 August. Browse the 2020 online Book Festival events.

If you like poetry or even write some why not join in with this monthly interactive poetry live event? Words and Music is a spoken word and music open mic night that has been running from 1990 from the south side of Glasgow. Due to the current lockdown situation they now operate online via their Facebook group. The event takes place once a month on the first Monday evening. You can submit your work via video, audio or text files to be read out-loud. Visit the Words and Music Facebook group.

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Visit The Future is Loading accessible online exhibition

What about visiting an online exhibition with friends? The Future is Loading is an exhibition that is focused on accessibility in art and in bringing together exciting and talented artists from society’s margins, they aim to give voice to those less heeded and recognized in cultural spaces. All works in this show have been audio described and you can find these descriptions alongside each work, as well as trigger warnings too. Where possible, British Sign Language support has also been embedded.

Watch a hit musical

If you like musicals, why not sit down to watch the Boardway hits at home with friends? Disney + recently added Hamiltion, a popular musical that retells the founding of America with Hip-Hop and RnB music. Or watch the classic Antigone on Zoom, which a star filled cast including Star Wars’ Oscar Isaac!


If none of these events or suggestions interest you why not check out Eventbite. This website lists countless events and festivals happening around the world, so there is sure to be something that will interest you.

How are you keeping in contact with others? What online event have you enjoyed? Let us know.

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Written by Kimberley Penny, Communications Intern

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