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During the month of August, Edinburgh is transformed into a bustling city occupied by a series of the largest arts festivals in the world. Although the city is filled with historic cobbles and hilly streets, there are plenty of venues that have great disabled access. We have put together a list of festival venues that we have received positive reviews of. Our reviews are written by disabled people and their friends and families and who have visited these venues themselves. If you visit somewhere with great disabled access, please let us know so that future festival goers will be able to enjoy them too!

Edinburgh International Book Festival

4 stars

'It was immediately obvious that the organisers had considered accessibility and gone to great lengths to welcome disabled visitors...Staff were very helpful and provided assistance with doors when I couldn't manage. Plenty of folk around to ask if you needed help....It was very impressive to see how the organisers had created a boardwalk to allow easy access to all areas of the site.'

Full review the Book Festival.


Edinburgh International Festival

The Hub

4.5 stars

'The Hub is one of those places where you can be quietly surprised by the ease at which you can get around, the friendly staff, and the opportunity to spend a quite moment or two enjoying tea in the Hub's cafe.'

Full review of The Hub.


The Usher Hall

4 stars

'Staff were exceptionally kind. Helped make sure we had a power socket working for Euan's Tobii, the communication computer.'

Full review of the Usher Hall. 


Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh

4.5 stars

'The wheelchair spaces are in boxes at the rear of the stalls, easy to access and with good sightlines and very comfortable chairs for non wheelchair users.'

Full review of the Royal Lyceum.


Edinburgh Playhouse

4 stars

'Excellent access. If you are on your own, I was told by the excellent member of staff at the Playhouse box office, a taxi driver would know exactly where to drop you off and from there, a member of box office staff would guide you to your seat. Couldn't get better than that!'

Full review of the Playhouse.

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The Fringe International Festival

Scottish Storytelling Centre

3 stars

Fringe Venue 30.

'The main entrance is steps, so you have to go in through the shop for John Knox 's house (tourist attraction), which is slightly tight. Once you are inside the centre, it is spacious and easy to get about. There is a lift to all levels, but it is very small, only fitting one wheelchair at a time.'

Full review of the Storytelling Centre.

Traverse Theatre

4.5 stars

Fringe Venue 15

'There is a ramp into the building and the doors are automated. There is a lift down to the bar level, then a member of staff can take disabled customers down to the levels of the theatre. You pass down a back corridor and through into the auditoriums. No stairs are involved.'

Full Review of the Traverse Theatre.

The Brunton

4 stars

Fringe Venue 19

'I was very impressed overall by both the facilities and the helpfulness of the staff. The member of staff who helped me did a fantastic job. He took me to the lift and even accompanied me up to the auditorium and came to collect me at the interval and at the end of the show. I needed something upon which to elevate my leg, and he brought a stool for the purpose.'

Full review of the Brunton.

National Museum of Scotland

4 stars

Fringe Venue 179

'It is fantastic! The staff go out of their way to help and assist everyone...Every floor has at least 1 disabled toilet which is wheelchair accessible but I've yet to find one that is pokey and cramped. I only use the coffee bars and bistro and cannot fault the help I've had. It is one of my favouite places in Edinburgh.'

Full Review of the Museum of Scotland.

Helpful Links

Edinburgh International Festival - The Venue Guide contains lots of information about accessibility. - http://www.eif.co.uk/sites/default/files/mag-pdf/venuesguide2014dweb.pdf

Fringe Festival - The accessibility hasn't been updated for the 2014 seasion yet but you can see the info from last year here. - https://www.edfringe.com/visit-the-fringe/accessibility

Edinburgh Book Festival - The accessibility info can be found here. - https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/visiting-the-festival/access

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