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I have been using Euan’s Guide to find disabled access reviews and information for almost five years now. In that time, I have found reviews that inspire me to visit places I might not have thought of before – or thought it would be impossible to visit in a powerchair! I have picked a few of my favourite reviews that have good information, helpful images or great stories about someone exploring somewhere new.

Entrance to the Vagina Museum.

One of my favourite reviewers is Tina, T_H, who is based in London, England. I have never visited London as I used to think the city would be too busy and inaccessible for me. Her reviews make me want to visit and explore all the cool places she recommends. Her review of The Vaults has fantastic information on how to access the different areas of the theatre/comedy venue. I love reviews that read like a story and feel like I’m reading a friend’s description of a cool night out.

I also loved the images from her review of The Vagina Museum as it shows the access coming into the museum via cobblestones. This can be really important for wheelchair users to know what the outside terrain is like.

Another review that has great images is EMacleod’s review of Mackintosh at the Willow which is a tearoom in Glasgow. As well as clear images of the accessible toilet, corridors and any steps, they also include images of the tea which looks delicious! If a review does not have images of the toilet, I am less likely to plan to visit this venue as images help me gauge if I can truly access everything.

Image taken of the Aviva Stadium.

As a rugby fan I love reviews of sports venues! Chelsea_Douglas has written a few reviews of arenas and hotels close by which I love to read. Her review of the Aviva Stadium in Dublin describes how she travels to the stadium and what the parking situation is like. Knowing this information makes me less nervous about visiting in the future.

I also enjoyed reading ValentinaExplores’ review of Shipley Country Park. I liked hearing that they had a good experience and appreciate the information on parking, accessible trails and linking to an official video.

Finally, I have to mention one of my favourite venues which has sixteen reviews on Euan’s Guide. The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh has great disabled access and a Changing Places toilet! I can’t possible choose my favourite review specifically but the fact that there is so many shows the power of reviewing and giving feedback on positive disabled access. I also like seeing different access requirements being met. For instance, the review below comments on the lift system which can be confusing for some, while other reviewers have discussed the seating in the museum.

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