More Tips for Working At Home

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Claire D’All, Zoe MacLean and Kayleigh O’Neill are back to share more tips on how they work from home. This conversation includes the topics of motivation and the importance of taking breaks and keeping in touch whilst isolating.

What keeps you motivated?

“My motivation for doing my work is being able to connect with Euan’s Guide reviewers and helping them to use the website more effectively” Zoe says. “I enjoy emailing different reviewers to answer their questions or to help them get started. I also enjoy hearing from our reviewers and their experiences of using the website as we are constantly looking for ways to improve the way people can review and use the website.” Claire agrees, “I think my main motivation at the moment is the fact that I am so lucky to be able to work from home and it gives me something to do during the day. Another motivation for me is the fact that I hope with us on lockdown, everything will hopefully be over much sooner.

How do you take a break?

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For Zoe, the best way to take a break is to spend time with her two dogs! “I love taking them for walks and playing with them in the garden - they help me to relax and think about other things especially during this time of isolation. The dogs are also a great distraction for me at the moment as I am quite often in a lot of pain and they help to take my mind off it. At the moment because everything is so uncertain we have mainly been exercising in the garden to be safe." Claire also said, “If you have a garden then that’s a great way to get some fresh air, or I feel just looking out of the window for a few moments makes me feel better.” She also takes breaks by moving about as much as she can, “mainly reclining my chair back and forward to change position for my breathing. I usually do work for a while and then just take a five-minute break." Kayleigh says “it’s good to let your eyes rest especially if you work online all day and then watch TV or go on your phone most of the night – something I am very guilty of!”

How important is it to keep in touch while staying at home?

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Kayleigh says: "For me, it is really important to keep in touch especially during this period of isolation. That is why I really enjoy the team catch up every morning as it helps me to feel part of a team even though we're all in different locations we're all there to support each other.  Often disabled people find it difficult to maintain contact with friends who may be in different locations, so it is important to keep in touch with each other in different ways.  I enjoy using my mobile phone to text and video call with friends as it's an easy way to keep in contact." Claire agrees, “Technology is so advanced these days and you are able to keep in touch with everyone even though you can’t physically visit them. It is hard for some people and I don’t usually like speaking to people on the phone but, I’m getting used to it and enjoying catching up with people.” Kayleigh also suggests looking at the Euan’s Guide Forum to stay in touch. “It was inspired by the team’s wish to keep our online community in touch with one another and make sure we are all safe and having fun during isolation. If I am bored I go on there and look at movie recommendations, baking recipes, craft challenges and loads of other things that have been suggested. When you’re done your working for the day, I’d highly suggest having a look there!”

Do you have any other working from home tips you'd like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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