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Over the past two months the country has been trying to get back to some sort of normality, businesses are working hard to make their venues safe for their customers to start visiting again. I first started visiting shops a couple of weeks ago but before that I was really enjoying reading people’s reviews to hear about what precautions were getting put in place to help people feel safe. Having Covid confidence information within a review is really helpful as people can be nervous about visiting places after being inside for so long.

101 Bakery

I really enjoyed reading ADR’s review on her visit to 101 Bakery. She provides lots of information regarding the safety procedures for staff and customer, and she uses some good photos within her review to show the entrance to the venue. Plus, the vegan cinnamon roll that she had looked delicious, definitely is a great reason to visit! 


Having not visiting a shop for a long time it was good to read KayFergOne’s review on her visit to Sainsbury’s, which was her first time experiencing Covid restrictions. It sounds like she felt safe whilst out shopping and the staff were very helpful. They made sure she knew where she was going in the shop, guided her to an accessible till and moved ropes so she could safely leave the shop out of the correct door.

June's Reviewer of the Month

Our June reviewer of the month is LIrwin, she has been giving great information regarding what precautions are in place at cafés she has visited to help customers feel safe during this pandemic. My favourite review is her visit to Cowan and Sons, it sounds like a great system for ordering food and drinks safely.

Tropical Butterfly House

Even though indoor places are opening up, people, including myself, are still finding it safer to visit venues that are outside. I really enjoyed reading LauraBee’s review on her visit to Tropical Butterfly House in Sheffield. It sounds like she had a great visit with her family and the venue were very prepared so that visitors could socially distance from each other and staff. From viewing LauraBee’s photos within her review, it looks like you get some great interactions with animals during your visit.

Cullen Bay Hotel

I really enjoyed reading JonWatkins review on his visit to Cullen Bay Hotel for a 3 course meal. His review is short but provides great information, it sounds amazing being able to see dolphins jumping in the sea. His pictures look really good and the picture he took of his food looks delicious. Also, the photo that JonWatkins has shared provides a great illustration of the layout and accessibility of the venue. It definitely looks like somewhere I would try and visit in the future!

July's Reviewer of the Month

Our reviewer of the month for July is okey. I find their reviews highly informative and simple to read with what they found good about their visit. For their review on Royal China, I found it great that they mentioned what Covid procedures were in place, for example, that staff were wearing disposable gloves and masks all the time.

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Written by Claire D'All, Reviewer Engagement & Outreach Coordinator

Locations: Edinburgh, Sheffield, Sandown, Exeter, Stoke-on-Trent, Leeds, Bridport

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