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Inglis Green Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2EP, United Kingdom | 0131 465 5200 | Website


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Visit to the supermarket during COVID restrictions - social distancing was in place.

Transport & Parking


Bus stop is right outside and there is a large under cover car park to the shop.



From the car park you can go up in a lift to main shop floor. Only one lift is operating during COVID and only one person/household is allowed in the lift at a time (unless a person’s carer is with them I was told). There is also a set of stairs and travellator. To enter during COVID you must go through the car park entrance and leave out to the ramp and bus stop entrance. It is a loose one way system. When I was leaving I had to go towards the car park door and then the attendant moved ropes to let me leave out the correct door.



I did not go to the toilet during this time and I am unsure if they are open. No Changing Places toilet is at this location.



Attentive and made sure I knew where I was going. They guided me to an accessible check out lane. Some lanes have a plastic screen which makes them difficult to go through but some at the edges have no screen so wheelchair users can pass. All staff that I could see were wearing gloves and maintained social distance. When I handed my basket back to a kind woman at the tills she immediately wiped it down and people were cleaning after every customer. There was also plastic guards at checkouts between me and the till staff. No cash payments were allowed only card which I was fine with.

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This was my first time visiting a shop during COVID restrictions and I felt very safe. I wore my mask and made sure to sanitize my hands after touching a basket and then washed my hands as soon as I got home.

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