Why take the Euan's Guide Access Survey?

A photograph of John McCafferty with text alongside 'Why take the Euan's Guide Access Survey?'

As the 2023 Euan’s Guide Access Survey launches, John McClafferty, activist and advocate for disabled people, tells us his story since he took part in last year’s survey.  

“Last year, I participated in the Euan’s Guide Access Survey, in which I passed comments regarding the cost of living crisis and the energy prices hikes. I didn’t think at the point of completing the 2022 survey that things would gradually become worse. 

“I was hit with my disabilities late on, and never really had to worry about rising costs as I was fortunate to have a good job. However, once my disabilities forced me to leave my job, it became a very real eye opener. Benefits alone from the DWP do not reflect real world prices and very quickly the struggles we all face hit me hard. These realisations make you so aware that there is little to no help out there for people with disabilities.

“I recall stating back in 2022 that very life endangering decisions needed to be made; with the rising costs of basics like food and energy, I felt I would have to choose between heating and being warm or eating. Could I afford to power my machinery that uses electricity so that I could breathe? Would I have to starve myself to do so? 

“I have been very vocal on my Twitter (X) social media platform, under my name of @thevocalsausage, to government leaders to say this is not enough and these horrific real life fears are now fast becoming a reality.

“I have been very fortunate, again through the Euan’s Guide Charity, to present a short piece on Good Morning Britain about the price increases of the energy rises. Not only does it appear that we are being placed into food poverty, we are now also facing fuel poverty too."

A screenshot of John McClafferty on Good Morning Britain

“I really strongly urge that 15 minutes of your time is taken to get involved and take the Access Survey. Hopefully with enough voices all cheering for disabled people to be treated fairly, we can get the government to listen. I am just one person with a tale to tell, my life has seriously been impacted over the past couple of years. Many more of us are out there with even more hardships. Let’s make the change! Let our voices be heard.”

The 2023 Euan’s Guide Access Survey Supported by Motability Operations can be found online at www.EuansGuide.com/AccessSurvey for disabled people, their families, friends and carers to have their say on disabled access and the impact of the cost of living crisis.



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