Celebrating World Food Day

Curry, rice and naan bread at Dishoom.

It’s that time of the year everyone can appreciate: World Food Day! Every year on 16th October we admire the variety of foods we all enjoy, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than highlighting our reviewer’s favourite meals mentioned in reviews? Keep an eye out to see if your favourites are mentioned below!


It's one of the nation's favourite cuisine. It's not hard to find a curry house and it's also not difficult to find a really good one. Dishoom offers something a little more alternative when it comes to curry and Indian food, from naan bacon roll to its famous signature 'black daal' that can be polished off with their Roti bread.

There will be something to satisfy everybody here. The Bombay comfort food will present their twist on traditional food, but one reviewer highly recommends the pau bhaji! A popular street food item in India which is basically a spiced, mashed and thick vegetable gravy served with a bread roll.

You'll find a Dishoom right in the middle of Edinburgh at St Andrew Square, but you'll also find one in Birmingham and Manchester and several dotted across London. Be prepared, though, sometimes there will be queues snaking round the corner at many of their venues.

La Pizza Cresci

TinaHodgkinson made us drool with her review of pizza in France! Our Ambassador visited the lively La Pizza Cresci pizzeria in Nice, telling us about how even when the pizzas are cut in half they are still huge. Not only are they filling and tasty, but they also provide a good selection of vegetarian pizzas so there is something for everyone.

Modern pizza evolved from Italy and the first person credited to be its creator is a baker called Raffaele Esposito, who made the first ‘pizza pie’.

A cheese and tomato pizza at La Pizza Cresci

Photo of: A pizza at La Pizza Cresci.

Langass Lodge

On a scenic trip to the Isle of North Uist, reviewer EMacleod decided to take a bite of some Highland and Islands pride: Stornoway black pudding. For those who may not be familiar, Stornoway black pudding is beloved on the Isle of Lewis especially, where you can buy it from most butchers.

Some have said it is "the best black pudding", as the legendary 70-year-old recipe has never gone out of style. This is no run-of-the-mill slap up of black pudding, it is award-winning. The Stornoway black pudding has received six Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Foods!

Read more about EMacleod's visit to Langass Lodge.

Pibroch Scottish Restaurant and Bar

Fancy a true taste of Scotland? For many of us, haggis is very much a real hit or miss for the tastebuds. Reviewer Derri decided to try Pibroch’s haggis parcels on their starter menu and could not get enough of the delicate filo pastry that just crumbles away in the mouth. Derri was also blown away by the duck, which was "cooked to perfection".

Many people do still question what haggis is, but BBC Food has the answer for us. According to their website, haggis consists of minced heart, liver and lungs that's all bulked out with oatmeal, onions, suet and a rich combination of seasoning and spices to give it that Scottish edge. If that’s enough to get your appetite going, they even serve vegetarian haggis.

Duck dish at Pibroch.

Photo of: The duck dish at Pibroch Scottish Restaurant and Bar.

Celino's Partick

Looking for a new flavourful favourite? Reviewer Mickman was delighted to recommend Celino’s Partick where they enjoyed slow-cooked ragu ox cheek. He said the special was exceptional and served with freshly made pasta to make your mouth water that little bit more.

Ox cheek is also known as beef cheeks and is a cut that comes from the cheek muscles of a cow. To emphasise its rich and delicious flavouring you need to cook it slowly but it’s so worth it for that melt-in-the-mouth piece of meat.

Iman Mackenzie, Communications Intern

Written by Iman Mackenzie, Communications Intern

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