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Durham Cathedral Durham Cathedral
0.00 km

The College, Durham

3 4.5
"Worth making the effort to get there"

Durham Cathedral has been a place of welcome, worship and hospitality for almost a millennium, inspiring all who come. It is cherished for its magnificent Romanesque architecture and spectacular l...

Oriental Museum Oriental Museum
1.01 km

Elvet Hill, Durham

1 4.5
"Great museum - worth a visit"

From Ancient Egypt to modern China, we are the only museum in the North of England devoted entirely to the art and archaeology of the great cultures of Northern Africa and Asia.

Beamish Museum Beamish Museum
13.20 km

Beamish, Beamish

5 4.5
"It was 1913 weather (raining)"

Experience amazing sights, sounds, smells and delicious tastes of the past at Beamish. This is a museum like no other - objects aren't locked away in glass cases, you're stepping back into living...

3 of 3 results shown