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Rushen Abbey Rushen Abbey
0.00 km

Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla, Ballasalla

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Rushen Abbey was gifted by King Olaf for use as a monastery in 1134. Rushen Abbey came under Cistercian control and was developed as the Isle of Man’s seat of religious power housing the main body...

Castle Rushen Castle Rushen
3.00 km

Castle Rushen, Castletown

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Castle Rushen is located in the ancient capital of the Isle of Man, Castletown. The impressive limestone fortress was once home to the Kings and Lords of Mann. Founded by the Norse king Reginald...

Manx Museum Manx Museum
11.76 km

Manx Museum, Douglas

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"This location now has a changing places toilet"

The Manx Museum is the national museum for the Isle of Man, and is the headquarters of Manx National Heritage. The Manx Museum is bursting with artefacts and treasures unique to the Isle of Man....

4 of 4 results shown