A photo of a Paisley town hall and the river beside it. A photo of a Paisley town hall and the river beside it.


Paisley is just 8 miles outside of Glasgow but boasts a rich history of its own. The town grew rapidly in size during the 19th century due to the booming trade in textiles. Paisley is the hometown of the singer Paolo Nutini. The abbey in the town can trace its origins to the 12th century.

Getting there

Paisley train station is in the centre of the town and has been given a great review on Euan’s Guide. One reviewer tells us that they frequently use the train station:

‘I find staff helpful and empathic. They encourage taking time to obtain correct tickets, at best price and will give information on any possible drawbacks eg the station for disembarking is unmanned, so the ticket collector on train would provide assistance, and will check re accessible exit.‘

You can find out more information about the station here.

Places to eat with great disabled access

Abbot’s Inch is just five minutes from Glasgow International Airport and one reviewer has told us that the toilets are ‘well located and spacious’. The Ark restaurant has received a great review:

'The staff will quickly move tables if required, without asking and are very welcoming. The food is of a wide choice and is not too expensive.'

We have a five star review of Linwood Farm which serves traditional pub food and is located just outside of Paisley.

Things to do

The ON-X Linwood leisure centre has three swimming pools and eight sports courts. One reviewer has described it as a ‘disabled athletes dream venue’ and described the access as ‘utterly flawless from car to court access wise’.

Engage Renfrewshire provides a range of services to people who volunteer in the local community and third sector organisations.

Can you help us review?

Have you been to Paisley? We are always looking to add places that have great disabled access to our guide. We’d love to hear about your favourite restaurant or supermarket! Please submit a review and let everyone know about it.

If you are looking for ideas of places to review, we love to have a review of the following:

Last updated - October 2014