30 James Street Home of the Titanic 30 James Street Home of the Titanic

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30 James Street Home of the Titanic

30 James Street, Liverpool, L2 7PQ, United Kingdom | 0151 236 9659 | Website


Sightseer - Chapter 2

30 James St Home of the Titanic


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Wheelchair


This is a luxury hotel in the heart of the city of Liverpool the building was built around 1690 and is a well known land mark in the city. The hotel has a large wide stone stair case to the door there is no hand rail this lead to the reception area and the lifts which are on the left as you enter. The hotel is a bit different as the rooms are on floors 1 to 6 with the restaurant and bar area on the 7 floor. Each floor is named after a place such as London and all off the rooms have names on the doors. The rooms are large and well lit and have space to move a round. The food served in the restaurant is amazing and the presentation of the food is perfection it looks like it should have its photo taken before you eat it. The hotel is said to be haunted when the building was being converted a photographer was instructed to take photos inside the building. The story goes that a woman in Victorian dress offered to show him around the building ! As he took photos another 2 women dressed in Victorian dress also appeared as well. As he moved round the building a very angry man again in Victorian period dress also appeared and shouted at the photographer to "Get Out" of the building!! At which point he left. Its is also said that staff and guests have also seen these figures in Victorian period dress in parts of the hotel.

Transport & Parking


There is no parking on the street and the nearest car parking space is a good 10mins away however there is a Taxi Rank outside the front door and the James St Interchange is almost next door this gives access to local train and bus services which are available from early morning and well into the evening



I had contact the hotel by email to ask about Wheelchair access and was told that there was access and that there was also walk in shower available as well. The Wheelchair access is via the fire doors at the corner of the building and is down to the left as you face the main door It can only be opened from inside the hotel and there is no way to contact the reception if you are at the door. Once through these doors there is a Wheelchair lift that takes you to the lower ground floor. You the go through a single door and turn right this means you are in the spa area of the hotel. There is doors on both sides for the different rooms the spa needs. The lighting is not that great at the end of the corridor you will find the two lifts that cover the rest of the floors however a wheelchair has to turn to the right or left and takes up most of the space. It should also be noted that the lighting in the Spa area is turned of once this area closes for the day and will be in darkness however there are sensors that make the lights come on as you go along the corridor in either direction. I had asked about walk in shower and was told yes this was available however this turned out to be a shower with a step of about 4inc up/ down and no grab rails available.



There is one Wheelchair accessible toilet this is on the 7th floor next to the restaurant and bar and is to the left as you go through the set of double doors and is on the left hand side. The door indicates it as a baby change but it is also the accessible toilet no signs to show this The toilet has rails on both sides and there should be just enough space for a care giver the Red Cord is one off the most tied up red cords I have ever seen and is about the height of the sink. The Red cord has been removed completely



The staff in the restaurant and hotel are amazing the will do what they can to assist people and are always happy to hold doors open for you as you move through the hotel. Like most jobs in this trade they work long hours but were always ready to have a chat with you and ask about your day

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1 There is another restaurant within the hotel that we were unable to check during our review so we don't have any idea of what access is like with in this area. However if using a Wheelchair you still need to enter via lower ground. 2. While I was unable to give any stars for disabled access some of the issues such as having an intercom to reception and a switch that lets them open the door would be a good step forward. 3 It is reported that the hotel is haunted as people have seen figures inVictorian period dress with in the hotel


this is 30 James St fire call point lower ground access area wheelchair in lift Wheelchair lift

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