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147 Buchanan Street, Glasgow, G1 2JX, United Kingdom | 0141 300 4950 | Website
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Apple Store Buchanan Street

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There is easy wheelchair access, it is at the right side of the front of the building as you are facing it. The tables are all at a good hight so the products on sale can be seen and used with ease; for wheelchair users all of the tables are set at a hight that allows easy access and all the tables are far apart so there is lots of room to move. The shop is all on the one level. The staff are helpful and nice; they know their products well and can talk you through the accessibility features on all of the things that you can buy in store. There are also have free sessions on how to use these the access features in more detail. There are also some staff that can use British Sign Language if required. There is a hearing loop in store.

Transport & Parking

There is no parking specifically for this shop however it is on a pedestrian street. The shop is close to Glasgow Central Station, Queen Street Station and Buchanan Bus Station.


The sign at the front of the shop can be easy to miss, it is the Apple logo above the doors at the entrance. There are stairs leading up the the main doors but there is also a ramp that is at the right side of the shop as you are looking at it. The shop is all one level so there is no need for a lift. The tables are a good hight for the wheelchair users to see and get the products on display. There is lots of space to move about with ease. If you are waiting for an appointment there are window ledges that you can sit at but there are not seats available without asking for someone to bring you a seat; the seats that are provided are small stools, these are for waiting for and going to an appointment. There is a loop. Some staff can use BSL. There is no brail. They can enlarge the print on the screen as well as change the background colour so the writing can be seen.


there are no toilets


The staff are helpful and accommodating, when you walk into the store you are approached by a member of staff can help you towards what you are looking for and lead you to someone who can give you the support you need.

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