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As a frequent visitor to Glasgow I will make a point of stopping off at this venue to have something to eat. It is always very hard to find accessible restaurants where ever you are in the country, The staff are always very friendly and helpful No matter how busy the restaurant is or the time of day. I visited the restaurant recently with my brother who is a vegan, he was pleased to discover that the restaurant had an extensive vegan menu . There is an extensive menu to cater for most tastes and I must say that I have never been disappointed with anything which I have chosen from the menu (The food is delicious).

Transport & Parking

It is adjacent to Buchanan Street bus station, there is also an NCP carpark within yards of the restaurant. I'm not hundred percent sure about the availability of Disabled car parking facilities on the street, As I don't drive And have always arrived at the restaurant via my electric wheelchair.


The restaurant can be accessed from a ramp on the left and side of the building, for once this is a very easy ramp to negotiate with the gradient being about right . I have also negotiated the ramp in my manual wheelchair with minimal difficulty. The restaurant has two double doors, an outer door Plus on an inner door ,. Both doors are particularly difficult to negotiate depending on your Manual dexterity if you're on your own? One door both doors swing the opposite way from the other, however there is always a helpful member of staff or the public on hand to give assistance.


Accessible Toilet is reasonable with grab rails and a low sink, however there is a lack of turning space depending on the size of your wheelchair? It is sometimes difficult for me to close the toilet door probably due to the size of my wheelchair. The accessible toilet can be accessed by the use of a radar key. (If You don't have one? The restaurant has one on hand I forgot to say earlier that there is another door to negotiate your way through before you reach the Accessible toilet, the degree of the difficulty for me is minimal but may vary for other wheelchair users? But again the staff are more than happy to help Opening doors Etc


Honestly I cannot Fault the staff they are very friendly and approachable, I have been attending the establishment for over five years now On a Regular bases (3 to 4 times a month on average) It is a very popular place to eat but I have never had to wait on the table becoming free. Due to my frequency in the restaurant I have got to know many of the staff personally are there are aware of her to assist me best Plus my likes and dislikes.

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Most definitely I cannot recommend it highly enough! Very good food complimented by excellent friendly staff. I would not choose to eat anywhere else in Glasgow. The establishment has recently had a £50,000 makeover and is even more pleasant and Ambient than before. Majority of the premises has a level Access with the exception of a small area of the side just to the right of the front door, there can be accessed by three steps to the tables.

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