Barcelona City History Museum

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Underground Roman streets with wheelchair access


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It was a pleasant surprise to discover how much of this museum in an ancient stone building was accessible, and the Roman streets are fantastic.

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We stayed in a city centre hotel and I was able to reach the museum just using the scooter I had rented, but I want to say that I found public transport in Barcelona generally to be very good, with accessible buses and mostly accessible metro. Also, the street layout in the old town was OK compared to some other ancient places I've been with a scooter, with a reasonable amount of dropped kerbs and not too heavy on the cobbles.



I was pleasantly surprised about this. Despite the ancient building, there is step free access throughout almost all of the museum, achieved through lifts and ramps, and on occasion by a staff member taking you outside and back in through a private entrance. My partner had a vague memory of this museum from a previous visit as being full of steps and uneven surfaces, and we weren't really expecting for me to be able to visit the Roman streets excavated under the building, but that was no problem at all: there was a good lift down and you explore the streets via level walkways that float over the excavations. There were some rather tight corners on the walkways for my largish scooter, though, so I'd recommend taking a wheelchair or the smallest kind of scooter (i.e. the folding ones).



A staff member showed me the way to the accessible loo because the old building can be a bit of a rabbit warren. It was modern, big and clean, with good rails and even some natural light from a high window.



The staff had a slightly anxious way about them, but they seemed to be trained in the requirements of disabled visitors and really tried hard to do the right thing - from guiding me to the disabled loo to finding me a secret way out via the art museum next door when one of the lifts I was in broke down (thankfully not between floors!).

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Really recommended for the underground Roman streets, and if you're a wheelchair user, your assistant gets a free ticket.

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