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Beam Orthodontics

34-36 South Tay Street, Dundee, DD1 1PD, United Kingdom | 01382 202604 | Website

Amazing staff and a wonderful new space


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


We parked outside and I got up onto the pavement where there is a little street and so a dropped curb. They have opened a new premises where a cafe used to be, this area is for adults and upstairs is for children. This review is based on the new premises, however the old premises is wheelchair accessible but extremely difficult to access with a small lift that breaks a lot, minimum turning space and heavy doors. My visit was good, the staff are great and happily make adjustments. I was seen quickly and the staff were friendly and delivered great quality service as always. The new premises are very aesthetically pleasing and they have top notch technology. All staff were wearing surgical masks and they also wear more PPE when you are in the consultation room. Masks are required in the waiting room and on both visits visitors did wear these.

Transport & Parking


I travelled by car and could park right outside, and just a few meters away there is a corner with dropped curbs for getting on the pavement, and you can park on the little street. There is a car park across from road. It is near the centre of town so easily accessible by bus and train.



I was so happy when I found out about this new extension as it used to be very difficult getting in and out of the older part of the practice, the new one is so much better, very easy to access all round. It also looks great! It is always perfectly clean. The last time I went to the new premises the door was open but this time it was closed, I managed to follow someone else in, otherwise I would have needed help with the door. The access is smooth and step free. On entering you look ahead to the waiting area, and to your right is the reception desk. There is hand sanitiser but I bring my own as its easier, so I didn't use this and it looked a little high. I went to the far right of the waiting room where there is a space next to the sofa. There is a table in front of the sofa and there's a chunky cube stool next to that, this partially blocked the area I was sitting, but I was able to manoeuvre around it no problem- although staff did offer to move it. My power chair is quite long and has a rear wheel drive. The waiting room is spacious and has beautiful wooden flooring which my manual chair would have glided easily on! The reception desk is low so you can see staff easily for checking in. Once I was called in, this time I was taken to a different room, the hallway is quite narrow so turning into a room was a delicate manoeuvre! This wouldn't be a problem in a manual wheelchair, but something to be aware of for bigger chairs. I was taken into room 3 which was much smaller than my previous time in room 1. Room 2 and 3 are only divided by a partial wall, there was also no room to bring my chair up side by side to the dental chair. I asked if someone else was in as I have been shielding and I didn't feel comfortable having dental work in the same space as someone else is. I didn't have to say this though as Rhu was walking through and told the girls I could go to room 1, before I was even fully in, which I was relieved about. Rhu is aware that I have been shielding. The staff were friendly and helpful, none of this seemed like an issue to them which is always a relief when things need changed slightly! Room 1 is great for wheelchairs, and I believe room 1 and 4 both have doors so there is no other patients in the same space. In room 1 there is plenty space and is also must easier to get in as you go in a straight line from the waiting room. I can line up my chair easily next to the dental chair. The photos I have attached are of this room. There is also enough room to turn so I do not need to reverse out the room.





The staff here are really amazing. They have always been very helpful with access, opening doors and clearing any spaces. They are all really friendly and soft spoken, they always make me feel at ease. They ask permission if they would like to move the wheelchair once I am out of it, and offer to put bags on my wheelchair or in my backpack on the back, which I always appreciate. Rhu is always amazing, he has been so understanding of concerns around COVID and talks through everything. The staff change their gloves if they need to open any doors or drawers, and everything is wiped down in between patients. The staff are supportive and never patronising, checking ability and listening to what I say. I feel confident going in without a carer as I know if I needed assistance that staff are able and willing to help, I can transfer independently.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

There are not many people in at the same time, all staff where surgical masks (and wear them properly!) and when in the room they wear gloves, aprons, masks and visors. I was advised that the rooms and cleaned and everything wiped down between patients, and staff switch their gloves and sanitise often. The waiting area is large so patients can be spread out, and there is hand sanitiser when you come in. The only thing I was would recommend is that if rooms with doors are available then this would be better than having a shared space with another patient as the dividers don't feel enough, or not for me (being immunocompromised). I am reassured by the cleanliness of the space and seeing staff taking all precautions. Staff are also very understanding about shielding and make things as easy as possible, allowing more time for appointments, offering first appointments, and remote dental monitoring.


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