Beamish, The Living Museum of the North Beamish, The Living Museum of the North

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Beamish, The Living Museum of the North

Beamish Museum, Stanley, DH9 0RG, United Kingdom | 0191 370 4000 | Website


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Mixture of good and bad accessibility



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Overall this was a fantastic day out but I went with realistic expectations. Not everything is accessible but they have made a good attempt at most areas. The accessible bus was an absolute God-send and they prioritised this over other vehicles when coming out of lockdown.

Transport & Parking


We came by motorhome and on arrival were told we could park in either the accessible car park or the coach park. We opted for the coach park, which had a path running down to the main entrance. It was a fair distance but that wasn't an issue for me. It was more difficult when coaches parked too far back and blocked the path.



Entry into the venue was good. The general queue took us down a ramp and everything was level entry. In the grounds, there is a mixture of surfaces, including concrete, gravel, cobbles and grass. I took my Freewheel, knowing that this would help with the uneven surfaces. The estate is vast! The road and pavement go round in a circle, taking in all of the areas, which are pretty well signposted. The paths down to some areas are quite steep, so some wheelchair users may need assistance both up and down. The day we went was quite hot and I was concerned about my assistance dog with the heat but there are plenty of shaded areas as you go between areas. The furthest place from the entrance is the village/town. It took us a good 20 to 30 minutes to get there. Many of the shops and all the houses have steps in and so I couldn't access everything. The cafe was accessible though, up a good ramp from the top of the park and it was well laid out with plenty of space. There were a lot of things I could access but also quite a lot I couldn't but I had expected this and was quite happy just to do what I could. The road back to the entrance would have been a long trek uphill and it was a really hot day, so we were glad of the accessible bus. We used it twice. The first time, we asked a member of staff and they radioed for it, but the second time, we just waited for it to come round on its regular circuit. The lift on the back was great. I dread these kind of things as it often means being manhandled or moved around. This was really easy for me to wheel on and off though and the staff were fantastic. It goes quite slowly around the site, so if you've got good control, you can opt not to be tied down and just sit with family/friends.



Toilets in all areas and a small changing places at the main entrance. Toilets were clean and easy to access.



Staff were friendly and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble.


The mine wasn't accessible but the yard was and there were toilets here. The church was accessible but when we were there, a school trip was having a talk. The school wasn't really accessible. It had one step up but once inside, it was fine. Loopwheels and a freewheel certainly helped with all the cobbles. The accessible bus has a lift at the back which I could get on independently. Staff were excellent! Inside the accessible bus Much of the town area is cobbled. Buildings are not all accessible, especially the houses.

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