Birchwood Food Emporium Birchwood Food Emporium

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Birchwood Food Emporium

28 - 32 Commercial Street, Dundee, DD1 3EQ, United Kingdom | 01382 225844 | Website

Love this rustic, cozy new cafe


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We had a lovely visit to this cafe and shop. It has a relaxed vibe and good music, spacious room with vegan and gluten free foods, lovely tea and a great atmosphere. Accessibility was good and adaptions have been made

Transport & Parking


This cafe is in the centre of town near to car parks, the train station, bus station and bus stops. There is some on street parking with the blue badge.



They have added a small ramp which stays outside (see pic) which made getting in easy. The doorway is wide and there was plenty of space to move when in. The shop is on the right and there's another room up the back which had a large step up to it, they may have a ramp but I forgot to ask!



There is an accessible toilet but it's a little tricky to get in (see pics). There are two parts to it, both doors were open, you go through one doorway then turn left into the bathroom. There is not enough space for my wheelchair to turn into the toilet but a manual chair should be able to. I left my chair in the first area as its just a few steps to the toilet and there are grab rails. There was no red cord though. It was clean and tidy.



The staff were nice and helpful

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I love this cafe! You can find them on Facebook and instagram


Picture of Birchwood Food Emporium Picture of Birchwood Food Emporium Picture of Birchwood Food Emporium Gluten free 
(these tea pots and very heavy, I couldn't even tilt it myself!! Toilet in low and clean, grab rails at both sides Entrance to first part of toilet, with door to toilet on the left Picture of Birchwood Food Emporium Doorway to leave Little ramp

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