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Burrito 'n' Shake

107 South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1HN, United Kingdom | 07447 880813 | Website

Burrito & Shake


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Wheelchair accessible if the doors are propped open or you have someone with you to open them. Food was nice enough but not great, the staff were disorganised and between the 5 of us we couldn't quite figure out their process (if there was even actually meant to be one). We were happy to see a disabled toilet sign, however there is no way that toilet is big enough for a wheelchair. The toilet is through 2 doors, once through both doors with help it became obvious there was no space for the scooter and the door couldn't be closed behind. Even if my wife had been in her manual wheelchair or powerchair there was not enough space. There was 1 small hand rail positioned by someone who has never had to use one. On trying to leave the toilet we found out that there was no door handle on the inside of the 1st door, after lots of fiddling with the door to get it open in the dark we found the door handle on the floor behind us. If you are looking for nice shakes in the city centre then this place is good but I wouldn't recommend it for food, service or accessible toilets.

Transport & Parking


City centre right next to the main bus route, disabled parking spaces available in Chambers street (10 mins walk away)



No steps in, plenty of space round the tables.



No space to get in and close the door. 1 hand rail badly placed. Sink tucked away in the corner and difficult to get near in a chair (impossible in a scooter)



badly organised, didn't work together, didn't offer to bring anything across to the table.

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We wouldn't go back.

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