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Café in the Crypt

St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, London, WC2N 4JJ, United Kingdom | 0207 766 1158 | Website

Cafe in the Crypt.


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The café in the crypt of St Martin’s can be accessed from a very new lift on the street besides the church. The lift is roomy enough to turn around in if you want to exit it forwards. You exit into a gift shop, but there are no stands near the lift that obstruct access. Turn left to go into the café; the floor is made of slightly bumpy stone slabs, but is easy enough to cross in a wheelchair. The café tables are all spaced apart well, allowing easy traversal between them. They are all of normal height & thus can be reached from a wheelchair. The counter where food is bought is quite low down, & staff are willing to carry trays if needed. I did notice that there was a lift up into St Martin’s itself to one side, and the church does have a ramp in, making the whole venue quite accessible.

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Being so close to Trafalgar square means that bus, taxi, & tube access is plentiful in the area.





There was a radar-key disabled toilet to one side, but I didn’t use it so can’t provide further details.



The staff are friendly & accommodating, & willing to provide all essential support promptly.


Cafe Cafe in the Crypt

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