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Good access to about half the café, no accessible toilet



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


I was able to access the lower half of the café in my powerchair. There is no accessible toilet and some of the staff are brusque and/or slow on the uptake. Not recommended.

Transport & Parking


Lots of buses go up and down Piccadilly, and Green Park Station is very nearby and is fully step-free (when the lifts are working - check before you travel!).



When we arrived the first member of staff didn't know what a 'ramp' was. Her colleague quickly pulled out a long and excellent wheelchair ramp, but didn't have any idea how to position it safely. After following my instructions he got the ramp in place safely, and I entered easily. Only the front half of the café is wheelchair-accessible - and it's very cramped, rammed full of chairs and tables. The back half is up a flight of stairs.



There is no accessible toilet. Zero stars.



A mixed experience. The member of staff who greeted us after we had got inside insisted that we sit at precisely her choice of table, nowhere else, she would not hear of our having any input into which table we would sit at. She was rude and domineering and should not be in a job involving customer service. On the other hand our waiter was charm itself.

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All the items I chose from the menu were not available. The food is good but vastly over-priced. The interior is a remarkable blend of elegance up to the top of the panelling and industrial grunge above that level, so that the whole thing gives the impression of being a theatre set. See my picture below. Avoid being placed at the top of the staircase leading down to the (non-accessible) toilets. The nasty mildewy stench wafting up from the basement will certainly put you off your food, and could even induce nausea or vomiting. Overall I would NOT recommend this place for wheelchair users. Even with a decent wheelchair ramp, it was a stressful and unfriendly experience, and there is no accessible toilet.


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