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Caffe Concerto

78 Brompton Road, London, SW3 1ER, United Kingdom | 02074946855 | Website


Good access, some unfriendly staff, no accessible toilet


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They have a ramp to get you in and out, but no accessible toilet! I suppose that after you've eaten, drunken and been merry, you'll just have to hold your bladder - and the rest.

Transport & Parking


The nearest step-free tube stations are Earls Court and Green Park and they're a long way off - well over a mile each. Lots of bus routes can drop you off near the café.



There is a step into the café. They have an extravagantly long folding metal ramp which they can deploy whenever you need it, and because it's so long you get a lovely smooth gentle ride up to the entrance. Some of the waiters and waitresses don't know about the existence of this ramp (the manager hasn't briefed them properly) so if you ask and you're told "We don't have a ramp", don't believe them!



Zero stars. No accessible toilet. The only toilet is down a long spiral staircase to the basement. Bring your own.



Maybe I was there on an off-day, but the staff were mainly brusque, unsmiling and unfriendly. You wouldn't serve a dog his dinner in this manner - I really expect something friendlier. Service without a smile.

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The spaghetti bolognese was really delicious, and the cakes are OK.

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