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Cat Café

103 High Street, Manchester, M4 1HQ, United Kingdom | 0161 222 4960 | Website


Great For Cats - but not that accessible for humans


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Hidden Impairment, PMLD, Learning Disability


This is a lovely cafe, beautiful cats and very peaceful atmosphere. Very nice drink and cakes. They do all they can to make sure the cats are happy and comfortable - but unfortunately this takes priority over everything else and this can cause some issues for vulnerable customers. Lighting level is quite low, and there are lots of items around that could cause issues for people who with visual issues. Again I can understand why this is good for the cats, but it’s not good for us. It’s all on one level and you can get to most of it using a wheelchair (Part of it is up a step). The gates to stop cats escaping are quite hard to negotiate, some staff will help you (others just turn away and sort coffee cups out but other customers helped us) Be prepared to move furniture/cat equipment to get around in a wheelchair. I have no idea if you are meant to - no one has ever offered to help or challenged us so I guess it’s ok :) Accessible toilet is ok - one of the standard ones for people who can transfer. But we couldn’t get in there as turning circle to get to door was full of cat contraptions. There is a changing places loo in the Arndale two minutes away fortunately. Some of the staff are really kind and helpful, others not so much. We don’t expect the entire world to revolve around us - but there are a few small things they could do to make it more accessible. It’s a shame as it’s such a beautiful idea and it could be a fabulous therapeutic place to chill.

Transport & Parking


5 minute walk from Exchange Square. Several accessible bays in street outside.



See above. There weren’t any things like Braille, large print or signing staff as far as I could tell.



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Please see main review

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