Chai Latte Cafe Chai Latte Cafe

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Chai Latte Cafe

3a Stevenson Square, Manchester, M1 1DN, United Kingdom | 0161 2227919 | Website


Chai latte cafe, Manchester


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The cafe was easy to enter with a wide door way, free of obstacles such as the tables. The counter was low for everybody to use, the cafe was spacious where tables and chairs were spread out to avoid accidents. The cafe had a wide selection of food and drinks for all. However the toilet available in the cafe was very small and not accessible for all to use. The cafe is located in the center of Manchester outside numerous bus stops. The staff in the cafe were friendly and happy to help with any queries.

Transport & Parking


There was no parking near as this was in the town centre. However there was numerous bus stops outside the cafe in Stephenson square, Manchester.



The cafe entrance was easily accessible with a wide double doorway and a flat surface. The floor was even with tables spaced out therefore creating more space. The counter to order was low enough for all to use.



There was only one toilet in the cafe which was confusing to find. The toilet area was quite dark, small and cramped. There was a high step before going into the toilet.



Staff were friendly to speak to in the cafe and explained what was on the menu clearly. Staff would also help when queries were asked.


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