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Pop-Up - Christmas Market at West George Street

West George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4YW, United Kingdom | 020 7307 8480 | Website

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There are 4 Christmas Markets in Edinburgh in 4 locations pretty much within what’s known as ‘ the square mile ‘. They are all varied but based on the same Christmas theme, this site is West George Street from. Castle Street, westwards to Charlotte Square, where both sides of the road have been pedestrianised, no parking or bus facilities in this area though you are surrounded by nearby vehicular Access. This is dominated by a light show which is at roof top height and a also at foot andStreet level. Whilst there are some retail stalls, the main focus is on the bars, restaurants and clubs who have outdoor areas in the pedestrianised area. There are craft, jewellery, art and written goods available with winter clothing. There is good temporary flooring in place rather than uneven, cracked paving and pot holes, but it can be slippery in the wet. There is ample access for chairs and power scooters throughout the area that areramped. Toilet facilities are via the providers I mentioned earlier, did not use them so can not comment. Access is from either Castle Street, Rose Street that runs parallel with George Street and via Charlotte Square. As there is no traffic you can utilise the road areas, it’s busy but not congested. It is staffed by the same event company and they are particularly helpful.

Transport & Parking


Edinburgh’s first rate Tram and bus services are within 3 minutes, there is ample parking in adjacent Streets, the pay to park scene ends at 18.30 and is not in force on Xmas or New Years Day.



One of the event staff informed us there were 12 entrance and exit points all on street level and ramped where needed. The only seating areas are those owned by the nearby proprietors.



Did not use, therewere also portables which are there for the Hogmanay celebrations, but there is ample in Hotels, and outlets in the area, the Principal Charlotte especially, formally the Roxburgh which has fully equipped and accessible toilets that are well serviced.



Event staff, excellent very helpful.

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Again there are 4 Market themed areas, all very different, this has been well planned and thought out, much improved access, less congestion good idea to have different locations.

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