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I am a frequent visitor, good experiences.


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As a movie lover, I love going to Cineworld and I have the past where I can see as many movies as I like. My experience at this particular cinema is mostly good. Some of the positions for the disabled spots are questionable however in other screens the position is fantastic. The disabled toilet in the main hallway is roomy and there is another one in the men's loos should this one be unavailable (I ask a staff member to show me in as I don't want to be that kind of female!). There is an IMAX screen and the disabled seating is at the back so the view is fantastic!

Transport & Parking


There is plentiful parking in the multi-storey attached to Fountain Park and there are fantastic bus links.



Access to the cinema and the main corridor is all on one level and the disabled spaces are usually as soon as you enter the screen.



There is a disabled toilet in the main hallway and if this one is occupied out of order staff are happy to accompany a female into the male toilets to use the additional disabled toilet there.



Staff are friendly and helpful and if they do not know the answer they are more than happy to find someone who does

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