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Overall the cinema offers completely step free access to all their screens. However, there a few screens where it is not possible to sit next to whoever you come with. Along with this wheelchair spaces are not well thought out in terms of being next to steps and leaving small amounts of manoeuvring room. There is one disabled toilet that is in the main hall and easy to get to. The other disabled toilet is inside the first door to the male bathrooms and isn’t easy for a solo wheelchair user to get into and isn’t ideal for female users.

Transport & Parking


Lots of blue badge spaces on level 1 and 2 of the car park and the lift is usually pretty quick as there are escalators for everyone else.



Access is not a problem. There is a lift up to the ground level from the car parks. Level access on the ground floor and a lift if you want to pop to Starbucks to get a drink before the film. There is seating next to the entrance (where they check the tickets) so if you need a break before heading into find your seat there are plenty seats.



Large enough room for electric wheelchair user to manoeuvre plus have at least one helper in there. The nappy and sanitary bins are always in the way so transferring would be difficult. The toilet is usually pretty messy. I would prefer them to use a radar key but because this is also the baby change toilet there is resistance. The 2nd accessible loo is located inside the first door through to the guys toilets. This toilet is a bit smaller and more difficult to get around in. It is also very awkward to get into because of the ways the doors all open.



The staff are all nice enough but on the few occasions the main disabled toilet has been out of order they are of little help getting us into the 2nd toilet. Which is awkward because of the two doors that need to be help open at the same time. Also because we are both females it is not comfortable going into the door for the gents toilets.

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The lowered counter at the concession counter could be put back into use again rather than the almost 5 foot high counters.

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