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Went to the DCA for a meeting today. It is a great place for having a conversation with someone as the building is open spaced but doesn't echo. You are able to hear the other person, granted it was a Monday during the day and I think I remember being there at night once and music was quite loud to hear but that was a while ago. Great for an afternoon lunch and if weather is nice you can sit outside. Although limited seats outside for wheelchair users as some are up steps.

Transport & Parking


Great distance from car park to entrance of building. However where disabled parking space is situated there was no dipped kerb at the pathway so I had to go the long way around to exit the car park. Also didn't notice if there was many disabled spaces as there was one free when I arrived so that's all I looked for.



I entered the back entrance to the building as I had my car in the car park. There is a lift to go up into the building and it was very well signposted. Only thing I would say about the lift is that the levels go from LG, G then 2. There is no 1, that's just something that annoys me though, I feel all lifts should follow the same level order. However sign to say what's on each level is very visible in the lift. I only attended the café/bar on this occasion and it was very well laid out, where we sat was very spacious for my powerchair and tables where at a great height.



The only reason I marked this down is because I am a hoist transfer so I can only use a changing place toilet. I didn't notice a sign for a disabled toilet on the level we were on, but I'm not really used to looking for them because I know it won't be suitable for me.



All staff that I interacted with were very friendly. We only ordered one round of soft drinks so we didn't have much interaction with staff but from who I did speak to they were very helpful and efficient at coming over and taking our order quickly. Also removed chair from table to make space for my powerchair after explaining we wouldn't need it.

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Great place in the center of town and easy access from front and back entrance. Never had food when visted yet but would go back again for drinks and there are 2 cinema screens also if you live more central and don't want to drive to a cinema. Limted showings though and not sure how many wheelchair spaces there are, but if I remember correctly from the one time that I went to the cinema there when I was in high school the wheelchair spaces are nearer the back so you don't get a sore neck looking up. I just don't really go to the cinema there because of the limited movies showing.

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