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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


Recently took the City Sightseeing tour of Central Edinburgh. It covers many of the city’s main points of interest, such as Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, Grassmarket, Calton Hill and Palace of Holyroodhouse. The ticket agent and bus driver were both friendly and very helpful. They immediately pulled the ramp down for me and allowed me to board the bus quickly and easily. Edinburgh Bus Tours have a new accessible fleet with two wheelchair spaces, which have display screens (subtitled). The buses also have a new wheelchair securement system installed. The system is called Quantum and it works by electronically and safely holding wheelchairs in place to prevent them from moving around or tipping when the bus is moving. I felt safe and secure and was therefore able to enjoy the bus ride knowing my wheelchair wasn't going to bump or slide around. Access was fantastic and I'd definitely go on another Edinburgh Bus Tour.

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Ramp access on/off the bus. Two wheelchair spaces with display screens (subtitled commentary). Quantum wheelchair securement system to safely hold wheelchair users in place.





The ticket agent and bus driver were both great. They were friendly and helpful. Driver explained how the wheelchair securement system worked and was happy to help activate it for me as I was unable to lift my arm up to push the button.


Ramp access onto the bus Display screens with subtitled commentary located at the wheelchair spaces. Dedicated wheelchair space with quantum wheelchair securement system. Wheelchair secured with Quantums electronic rubber arms.

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