El Cafetó El Cafetó

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El Cafetó

10 Carrer de Santa Anna, Barcelona, 08002, Spain | +34 933 43 68 42


Food Lover - Course 5

Little cafe in Barrio Gotico


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This is a typical style cafe in the tourist area of Barcelona just off La Rambla. The food was great, and just what we needed after arriving in the city. The restaurant is quite cramped however, and the toilet could definitely be improved, but it was good for a quick stop.

Transport & Parking


Close to La Rambla where there are lots of buses and Metro stops. Parking isn't great, and the street El Cafeto is on is a narrow pedestrianised street.



There is a gently sloping ramp into the cafe and the doors are propped open. Tables are close together but the furniture is movable which makes things a little easier. It's table service, so you shouldn't need to worry about heading up to the counter.We were able to see most of the refrigerated food and pastries from our table.



Two toilets right at the back of the restaurant, access is pretty tight. Inside there is one male and one female toilet and a shared sink - but nobody seems to care about the differentiation, so I believe you can use whichever. The accessible toilet is in the one labelled as the female toilet. It's spacious, but pretty rickety which is the main reason stars were dropped.



Friendly, quick service.


Photo of El Cafeto. Photo of the toilet in El Cafeto.

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