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Empire Cinemas

23 Britannia Way, Clydebank, G81 2RZ, United Kingdom | Website



The Best Popcorn!



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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Wheelchair, Powerchair


An Empire multiplex cinema, within Clydebank Shopping Centre. Does sell my favorite popcorn!!

Transport & Parking


The cinema shares car-parks with the rest of the shopping centre. There are marked disabled bays within each. However, the car-park nearest the cinema is often very busy, so you may need to use one of the others to find a space. There are two train stations nearby - Clydebank and Singer (I'm not sure what access is like at them). There are lots of buses to the Centre or nearby, also a taxi rank just outside Cinema.



Main entrance is flat, there is an automatic door amongst the main doors. Once inside, there are three or four steps to where the cinema rooms are, there is a handrail at either side (but you could only hold one at a time, as they are far apart). However, to the left-hand side of the stairs, there is a long ramped corridor which can be used instead. This is ideal for wheelchair users! Although it does have a sign, it's easy to not notice where the ramp is, initially. There is also a door to the ramp corridor, which is usually closed and has a buzzer system to get in. You press the button and a member of staff elsewhere in the cinema, releases the door so it can be opened, and so you can use the ramp. Sometimes if they are busy, it can take a moment before staff can do this. There is a hearing loop/support system in place. The cinema recognises the CEA card, so with this a carer can get in for free. In the cinema rooms, spaces for wheelchairs are at the back of the room. Probably room for 3 wheelchairs in each. There is only one carer seat immediately next to one of the wheelchair spaces, the other carer seats are in a row behind the wheelchair spaces. Depending on your needs, this may or may not be a difficulty. It does mean that you don't feel you are fully sharing the experience with the people you are with, as you can't sit next to each other.



There is one accessible toilet in the cinema. It is also a baby-changing area. This has a fixed support to the left side, and a moving support on the right. There is enough space for a carer to be there.



Staff seem keen to be helpful, and automatically did little things which can make a difference, such as holding doors open for us.

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I think some improvements could be made to increase the accessibility in this cinema, however we have been there many times and have enjoyed it. We always find the staff will do whatever they can to help.


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