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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Hearing Aid, Wheelchair


In the main, a wheelchair accessible venue with lots to see and do. The venue obviously has tried their best in making it accessible, but there are a few minor flaws that they may not have noticed.

Transport & Parking


Whilst there was ample parking for disabled badge holders, there was no lines on the car park, which meant there was no guarantee of space being kept for the wheelchair on return. Whilst there were examples of cars parked rather close to other cars, fortunately for me my space was near the edge of the car park, however had I been further into the parking, I could envisage some major problems getting back into the car. It was a long walk from the disabled parking to the main entrance as the full length of the parking had a physical barrier, therefore you'd have to leave the disabled parking, and then double back and walk the equivalent of the full length of the car park in the opposite direction to reach the entrance gates. So whilst a car can be parked as little as 40 metres from the entrance, you would have to walk 180 metres to get from there to the entrance. The surface of the car park is compacted gravel, whilst the wheelchair went over this okay, it isn't the easiest of surfaces for wheelchairs.



Most of the attractions were wanted to see was accessible to get to and from in a wheelchair, but they were let down by difficulties to see the animals. Many areas had bars or walls across the view line of a wheelchair users, with standing adults able to see over these walls, and windows that allow small children to see in. Wheelchair access was provided to overcome this with Meerkats, however this area was extremely hot and humid, and felt like walking into a stuffy greenhouse. The tractor and ferris wheel both were adapted to take wheelchairs on them, although the single stop on the tractor was not accessible for wheelchairs.



The toilet was very small - so small it was impossible to get the wheelchair in and close the door. There was suggestions that the venue had a changing room toilet, but there wasn't a single sign I noticed that directed me to the toilet, the venue didn't provide any maps, and the online app was generating a 404 error for the main page and an Internal Server Error on the map page.



The staff I spoke to were very helpful and polite, and talked to me like a person.

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The venue doesn't provide a printed map to be able to navigate yourself. The online app doesn't work, it generates a 404 error for the main page and an Internal Server Error on the map page. Mobile Data reception was quite poor throughout the park There is a discount admission price for disabled guests, it was possible to buy disabled tickets online, and tesco clubcard vouchers can be used on the gate for a disabled ticket. A carer is also admitted free of charge.


Disabled Parking Area Disabled Parking Area. Attraction Entrance is at the tallest tree to the right, but barrier across length of roadway. Disabled Toilet taken from outside. Impossible to get wheelchair in, and then close the door. View of meerkat enclosure View of Reindeer Enclosure

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