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Forfar Loch Country Park

Craig O'Loch Road, Forfar, DD8 1BT, United Kingdom | Website


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Walk Around The Loch part 1


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Powerchair


Lovely nature walk around Forfar loch however, I'm saying 'part 1' in my title because I encountered a massive muddy puddle during my walk that went right across the pathway so I had to turn around and go back the way I had come from. I'll put up a 'part 2' another time as you can go around the other side of the loch by going in the opposite direction at the start.

Transport & Parking


When I was visiting I travelled by car and as far as I could see there were 2 car parks available. In my photo below you can see where I parked, cars are lined up side by side, like parking at the side of the road. The spaces weren't outlined so there are no designated disabled spaces and I can't say if I saw any disabled spaces in the other car park, which I should point out was structured more like a standard car park. I can't comment on the public transport as I am not from this area but I'd say Forfar Loch is in the center of Forfar so I'm sure there are bus stops nearby.



The walk around Forfar Loch is 2 and a half miles long and you can start the walk from either side. Throughout the walk the evenness of the pathways are different so I found some areas very bumpy due to gravel and I had to drive slower than usual. The width of the pathway around the loch is wide enough to walk along and other visitors to walk in the other direction. I spotted various benches around the amount of the walk that I did which would allow people to take rests throughout their walk. There was one picnic bench that I noticed during my visit which went off to the side of the pathway, I was a bit apprehensive about driving to the picnic bench as the path was laid with bark but it wasn't a think layer and I was able to drive on it in my wheelchair. My wheelchair also fit under the end of the picnic bench perfectly (see image below). There is a play park near the parking at Forfar Loch and even though I didn't visit it at this time because it was very busy, I noticed there was a wheelchair accessible roundabout and a swing with a support seat that may be good for children with a disability.



I didn't see any toilets whilst I was visiting, although I doubt if there were any that they would be open as not many nature walks have public toilets open just now during the strict pandemic restrictions.



I did not encounter any staff during my visit.

Anything else you wish to tell us?

I felt very safe when visit Forfar Loch during Covid-19 times as even though there were lots of people there when I was visiting it didn't feel crowded as we passed people at different times and the picnic bench was far enough away from the pathway so I felt safe to eat my lunch without people passing me.


Image of where we parked the car, all cars are lined up side by side at the right-hand side of the image. Image of an arrow sign pointing you in the direction of the Forfar Loch saying the pathway walk is two and a half miles. Image of part of the pathway on the walk around Forfor Loch with trees at either side. Image of the huge muddy puddle going across the pathway. Image of Claire sitting under the picnic bench to show that a wheelchair can fit underneath. Image to show how far away the picnic bench is away from the pathway.

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