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Operation Mincemeat Show


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This review is especially helpful for those who have or use the following: Walking Aid, Wheelchair, Autism


The booking for this show was okay, as it allowed: The equivalent of a free ticket for essential companions. A range of contact methods. Detailed access information on their easy to navigate website. But could do with some improvements such as having flexible price bands so people who require a more expensive seat simply because it meets their access needs do not have to pay so much more than they may otherwise choose (or be able) to. Especially after the most recent survey: The physical accommodations at this venue were good for how old it is. This included: In seat service for those who couldn't visit the bar or merchandise stalls independently. Wheelchair friendly terrain in the few areas we could go. No overhang in the way for most of the seats. As usual, people with dynamic disabilities or who are chronically ill don't seem to be considered in the refund policy however I'm sure if you phoned to explain you couldn't make it due to a medical reason they'd be understanding enough to at least let you reschedule. I find the seats here quite uncomfortable, however I understand that this is due to limitations of a grade 2 heritage asset and needing to fit as many in as possible to make it financially viable to run. The re admittance policy was very relaxed and allowed you to come and go should you need to, which is really the minimum I would expect given they have no chill out space and only ONE sensory friendly performance scheduled. The same goes for other provisions as there are NO audio described or BSL interpreted showings available currently. Captioning is marginally better.

Transport & Parking


The lack of level access tube stations is no one's fault but TFL's and they are currently working to improve that however it is a long, slow, and unreliable process. Central London locations like this rarely have much parking nearby and when they do it is almost always full or very expensive. It's almost always easier to get a taxi yet it isn't fair that you'd have to pay out that much more than the few pounds off an oyster card just because you're disabled. I also find public transport a sensory hell - maybe we could have quiet coaches on the trains and the bottom level of every bus?



Another listed building, another venue with a 'plausible' excuse to be so physically inaccessible. All details are on their easy to navigate website so, although it is disappointing to read, at least they are communicating it transparently and in an accessible manner:



Just the one, and it was fairly bog (pardon the pun) standard. They do provide more info about it online so you know this ahead of time:



Staff had clearly undertaken appropriate disability equality training and acted fully in line with the social model of disability throughout my time there. I wasn't once questioned and knew help was available to me should I need it.

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None in place at all. Not a single mask or even left over social distancing sign. Would not recommend if you are still shielding.

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